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The Generosity Agency is a brand comprised of three companies: Sozo Gifts, World Changers, and The Hunt for Charity. The goal of this brand is to create an upward spiral of generosity in communities everywhere. We believe that when consumers are involved in companies' charitable giving, a stronger connection is formed through shared values - creating loyal customers, increased revenue, and ultimately more funds to give to charity.

Our brand started with Sozo Gifts, a wine and gift company that highlights the importance of saying "thank you" to clients to establish customer loyalty. By involving a charity piece to Sozo Gifts, clients not only feel appreciated by receiving an elegant gift, but it also creates a strong bond between the company and the client by allowing the client to vote on what charity matters most to them.


World Changers was born when this voting piece became so successful for Sozo Gifts, that companies wanted to tell their charitable giving story more frequently to their community across several media types. Through the creation of thoughtful storytelling, video, articles, and customer journeys - World Changers is making generosity a successful marketing tool.

With the upward spiral of generosity becoming a larger force, the Hunt for Charity quickly came into "play" as a platform used by businesses to get their community members through their doors and involved in charitable voting.



Sozo Gifts believes you can enjoy some of life's finest gifts while also supporting those who lack basic needs.

10% of every Sozo gift is given back to a charity of the gift giver's choice, allowing the gift giver to engage their client in a meaningful way that grows their relationship.

World Changers’ mission is to help companies build brand loyalty that increases repeat business through a marketing strategy centered on one thing: Generosity.

We combine our proprietary platform with powerful storytelling that puts customers at the center of the narrative, while aligning  brands' social interests with those of your patrons. The result grows customer’s trust and loyalty with increased revenue back to the company.


The Hunt for Charity

The Hunt for Charity is an interactive treasure hunt built to share and grow the values of communities. The purpose of this activity is to begin to establish and grow the value of generosity between businesses, communities, and neighbors. 

Upon completing the treasure hunt, the online program will unlock a vote page where the player can direct the businesses' funds to a charity they care about. Participation directly impacts these communities by creating trust and new business opportunities with its neighbors.

Our Impact



Medical care for sick children


Support kits for the homeless


Medical care for sick children


School supplies and education provided


People given clean water for a year


Meals provided for the hungry


Safe Nights for kids off the streets


Days of college for rescued women


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